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March 01, 2020

Mike Halbrook was a mechanic on the P-40E Sneak Attack and sent in a lot of WWII documents from testing of the P-40 systems and some manuals

Mike Halbrook sent in photos of a real P-40M

Luigi Scarano built up a 1/48 P-40E

Tom Bebout built the Mauve 1/48 P-40M

Gary Metz sent some information on Col. Sydney Woods of the 9th FS/49rd FG

March 26, 2019

Luigi Scarano sent in his 1/48 P-40E in the markings of 3rd Sqn RAAF in Africa in 1942

David Duckett shows us how to update the Guillow's 400 series P-40E

Billy Buck built a full sized Guillows P-40 as a tribute to his son and a friend of his dads who was a Flying Tiger

Michael Neradkov built the 1/48 Trumpeter P-40B Tomahawk IIA in the markings of 112 Sq RAF, Egypt 1941

Rob Tommasone sent in some photos of a P-40E painted as Lope's Hope

Steven Porath sent in a vintage photo of a P-40E

December 30, 2017

Piotr Dakowski did a nice job on his Orlik 1/33 P-40N paper model

Thomas Cleaver sent in some photos of a restored P-40C

Darin Bellis sent in a Buzz Wagner tribute

Chris Mail brings us his 1/32 Trumpeter P-40B RAF Tomahawk

Brian Duddy sent in information on his dad Cpl. John Duddy, a P-40 mechanic at Sarasota Army Air Field, Florida 1943-1944

Technical information on P-40 panels by Dan Collier & Garth Hogan of Pioneer Aero of New Zealand

P-40 Suzuki Hayabusa tribute by Denny Hancock

Graham Reid brings us his R/C 1/5 P-40E

Mark Chao sent in photos of a P-40N

November 14, 2015

It's been a long time since my last update, various things have kept me away, I have a lot more to put up, hopefully I can get to it soon

Mark Joyce sent in a nice article on Philip Adair 89th of the FS/80th FG on his most memorable flight. The article will open in a PDF, or you can right-click and save

Neil Hulse had fun with his Trumpeter 1/32 Flyin Tigger in some cute make-believe markings, he also sent in two of his AMT 1/48 P-40's, one in captured Japanese markings, the other in British markings

I added more items to my Memorabilia page

Vernon Rabbetts is back with another of his great profiles, a P-40N-20 43-23400. There is also a link to more of his artwork

Derreck Janveau sent me some information on James "Stocky" Edwards on his kills in a P-40 which I added to my Aces page. I have also started linking their names to a real aircraft or models of their aircraft on my site if it's available

Jacob Knight sent in a video interview of his grandfather William David Gatling sinking the Leone Pancaldo, an enemy destroyer in the MTO

Luigi Scarano sent in a very well done Eduard 1/48 P-40N

July 31, 2014

Dick Phillips had graciously sent in a large number of slides, some are already up, these are the remaining slides

P-40E N1048N
P-40E N4420K
P-40E N9837A 44-7368 AK 899
P-40E N40245 AK 827
P-40E N62435 44-47922 AL 171 RCAF 1084
P-40E N94466 AK 933 RCAF 1057
P-40K NX4436J 42-9733
P-40N C-GTGR 44-7369
P-40N N222SU ex N5039V 44-7619
P-40N-30-CU N999CD 44-7804
P-40N N1062G 44-7192
P-40N-30-CU N1197N 42-105192 RCAF 858
P-40N N1226N 42-105867 RCAF 867 BKD (FM-2 N5HP)
P-40N N9950 44-7983
P-40N N25927 42-105927
P-40N N85104 ex NH97N 42-105182 RCAF 858
P-40N-30-CU N94500 44-7369
P-40N NL40PN 44-7369
TP-40N 42-105927
TP-40N-30-CU N923 44-47923
TP-40N NL1195N 42-106396 RCAF 880

Dan Collier has an amazing collection of original P-40 parts, here is part 3 of his collection. For those who haven't seen his collection yet, here it starts on part 1

Piotr Dubowik did a painting of P-40N "White 165"- "Little Jeep" of 1Lt Forrest F Parham, China 1944, it was also made into wallpaper

Rohan Cadzow did a great job on his 1/32 Hasegawa P-40E

Mark Joyce sent in some corrections for his page on Bob Gale

Here is an older stick & tissue model by John Bell of a P-40F

August 09, 2013

Mark Joyce brings us two nice articles on some veterans
Capt. James Reed of the 59th FS/33rd FG
Bob Gale of the 88th FS/80th FG including pictures and an article entitled Tales of a Burma Banshee

Here are two more pages of modern P-40's by Dick Phillips
P-40E N151V
P-40E N940AK

I have put up some information on US (including AVG) P-40 Aces. I haven't found any data on P-40 aces from other countries, if you have any information that you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for the pilots name & rank, country, and number of kills

July 30, 2013

I have two reviews for today:

P-40 Warhawk Aircraft Pictorial #5 by Dana Bell is an excellent detail reference for the early US P-40's

Here is a model that will be different to a lot of modelers, the WAK 1/33 P-40C paper model & laser cut frames

Darin Bellis sent in photos of his friends 1967 Dodge A-108 van done up as a Flying Tiger tribute

Here is another of Dick Phillips extensive collection of photos, this time the P-40E N5672N

February 27, 2013

A short update today. Jack Landree sent in some updated information about the full-scale static P-40's & P-51's as well as parts that they are producing. Some photos of both, as well as links to Facebook pages for each and his e-mail address has also been updated.

December 30, 2012

Gary W. Metz has a nice article called Low and Slow: The First Casualties of the 60th FS, part of the 33th FG

Here are some more photos by Dick Phillips:
P-40E N95JB ex N1207V AL 152 RCAF 1052 S/N 18796
P-40K N293FR 42-9759 CK N67253
P-40M N1232N (N1009N) 43-5795 RCAF 845

John Bardwell did a really good job on the big Hasegawa 1/32 P-40M

Jose Gutierrez Escuder brings as his 1/48 P-40N

Keith Allott did a really good job on his Academy P-40B, especially considering he did it in one day

I added items to the Memorabilia page

September 30, 2012

It's been a while since I put up an update, just seems to take longer to find time to work on them and I was hoping to have a much larger update, just not finding much time unfortunately. I have a lot more to put up and hopefully it won't take long to get more up.

Pat Murphy sent in some photos of a P-40E including one with Stocky Edwards in the cockpit.

John Mitchell has some nice photos of the Flight Heritage Collection P-40C

Iain Ogilvie did a nice job on his Trumpeter 1/32 Curtis Hawk 75A done up in the markings of the AVG

Rob Knox brings us his R/C P-40N, what could be more fun than flying your own P-40

Don Clauson sent in some photos of a P-40E owned by Ron Fagen of Granite Falls, MN

John Bardwell sent some photos on his Hasegawa 1/32 P-40F that he made using Derek's fabulous nose conversion

I also added some pictures to the Wallpaper and Links sections

September 19, 2011

A short update this time, just trying to get them out a little more often.

Cheng Pin Fan sent in three different nice models, two in 1/32 and one in 1/48. One of the 1/32 models and the 1/48 are in the same markings of a pilot in the Chinese Air Force.

1/32 Hasegawa P-40N Capt. Wang Kung Fu (CACW) 7th FS/3rd FG, Laohokow, China
1/48 Hasegawa P-40N Capt. Wang Kung Fu (CACW) 7th FS/3rd FG, Laohokow, China
1/32 Hasegawa P-40E

I have received a lot of requests for larger versions of the factory drawings in that Technical section. I have now included the original TIFF files that I received so you can choose either version. You can either look at and save from the original link or right click and save the TIFF file. The TIFF will enable you to enlarge the drawing, but unfortunately some of the text on the drawings still isn't all that clear. I still have the fuselage drawings to put up yet.

April 22, 2011

This update has been a long time in coming, I have LOTS more material to put up & I was hoping to have a lot more on this update, time just always seems to be so tight lately. I will try and have some shorter, but much more frequent updates. Thanks much to everyone who has submitted items, I am trying to get it all up as quickly as I can. Now on to the update.

Darin Bellis sent in his really cool RTF (Ready To Fly) P-40E that he repainted as an Aleutian Tiger. I wish we had these back when I was doing R/C!

Otti sent in a picture of his tribute to the P-40, he sure loves this plane!

Dick Phillips loaned me a lot of slides that he had taken of various P-40's over the decades, it was really interesting to see the schemes on different aircraft evolve over the years. Some interesting civilian schemes as well. I have five pages formatted so far with a whole bunch more to go and I will get some up on each update. Each plane will be on its own page with its civilian codes.
P-40B AK 255
P-40E AK 752
P-40E N40PE
P-40E N41JA
P-40E N95JB

William Larkins sent in a nice vintage picture of P-40N NL-1011N from 1948

Bruce Watson has gotten involved with the P-40 in a big way with his P-40E in 1/5 scale

Darin Bellis took some great photos at the Military Aviation Museum

Floyd Werner, Jr. did a OOB build review of the Hasegawa 1/48th P-40N 'Natural Metal' kit in markings of P-40N- CPT, Sammy Pierce, 8th FS, 49th FG

If you've ever had trouble keeping your landing gear aligned while the glue dries, there is finally help. Floyd Werner, Jr. reviews the new CB Tools Landing Gear Jig

I review the old MPC 1/72 P-40 Warhawk. I will review some of these older kits as time permits, they can often be had inexpensively off of eBay

November 07, 2009

Dan Collier sent in some photos of an incredible model he built for his daughters, if I only could've had one like this when I was a kid!

Dan also sent in a large collection of photos of original P-40 parts he has collected, very interesting and also a great reference source

Floyd Werner, Jr. reviews the Victory Films DVD chronicling the 14th Air Force

Francisco Castracane sent in a very nice piece of Flying Tiger artwork

Neville Mines has been doing a lot of research chronicling the different P-40's that served with the New Zealand Air Force. The first installment is of the P-40E Kittyhawk with Allison V1710-39. Lots more to come

March 05, 2009

Doug Dietz sent into some information about his grandfather Lawrence Dietz was a mechanic in the Aleutians. He also sent some very interesting photos, I have never seen this particular configuration on a P-40 before, looks like a late-model nose on a K. Doug also sent in some other very interesting photos of other airplanes his grandfather took which I included.

Charles Dills was in contact with master modeler Brian Cauchi about the P-40he flew and Charles was gracious enough to allow me to put that information up on my site. I included a link to his site which has much more information including his time flying the A-36.

Mark Zello of Flying Colors of Texas sent in some photos of the P-40N they restored and painted in the markings of Tex Hill while he was with the Flying Tigers.

Dean Zinter & Lonnie Gilbertson sent in some photos of a very unique tribute to the Flying Tigers. You may have seen it on the message board, I copied the information they put there so everything is in one spot, there are some great photos of the car while it is being built and after it's finished. The RUNAMUCKA is a truly unique and special tribute!

Floyd Werner reviews the new DVD by Victory Films which covers the newsreels from 1942.

John Lama did some really great Pearl Harbor profiles of the planes flown by Lt. Welch and Lt. Taylor.

I redid my profile outline drawings in more detail for the B/C, E, F/L, N variants that I have up else anyone would like to try painting their own profiles. The drawings are large in size at 3000 pixels wide.

I updated the links.

Rodney Williams did a nice bare metal 1/48 P-40E following the out-of-the-box rules for contests.

Tony Feredo brings us his 1/48 P-40B as flown by Lt. Joe Moore of the 20th Pursuit Squadron based at Clark Air Field in the Philippines during December, 1941. That's an area not often seen by modelers.

Carey Dorsett brings us photos of a nice restored P-40E.

Charles King sent in his model of the P-40E built as Bob's Robin.

Charles King sent in photos a P-40E

Michael Wolfe send in some photos that he took at the WW2 weekend in Reading, PA in 2003 of a

I put up some more factory drawings, this time of the Landing Gear and the Nose.

Floyd Werner sent in some photos of his 1/72 P-40E done up in the attractive Aleutian Tiger scheme.

Frederick Seitz III sent us three models in 1/48, his P-40E, P-40K, and P-40N.

Gary Metz sent in his challenging conversion of the 1/32 Revell P-40E to a P-40F as it was flown from the USS Chenamgo by Lt. Virgil Radcliffe on November 10, 1942.

There is new wallpaper by Dean Zinter & Lonnie Gilbertson of RUNAMUCKA and Carey Dorsett of a

February 20, 2008

Sorry for the lengthy delay since my last update. Health problems and some surgeries have kept me from working on it, I am finally able to work on it a little. The update isn't as long as I was hoping, I have more great stuff to put up which hopefully will take too long!

I have four stories from veterans that flew the P-40 in training and went on to other types in combat. They sent in their memories from training and a couple also sent in photos of the planes they transitioned to and flew in combat. The pilots are:

Rene Burtner
John McAlister
Bill Lyons
Warner Jennings

I have installed a new forum which will get rid of those annoying ads and has some better features. Hopefully you find it easy to use and helpful. It does require registration to be able to post or see photos, although you can read the posts without registering or signing in. I have kept the registration as painless as possible and it only takes a minute to do. No information will be sold, given away, or used for anything other than running the forum

I have reviewed the new P-40 In Action by Rich Dann. The original was old and lacking in some respects, this new one was definitely worth the wait

Dave O'Malley sent in some banners of James "Stocky" Edwards and some information on their museum Vintage Wings of Canada

Tom Silsbee sent in a photo of a truly unique model, it's of a P-40L that his dad flew during the war and his dad also built the model during the war. It's also one that AMTech used for the markings for their model

Anatoli Tarasov did a great job on his P-40C in Russian markings and a nicely warn winter camouflage

Bill Armstrong sent in some photos of a truly unique replica that sure brought a smile to my face and wouldn't be that hard to reproduce yourself

Floyd Werner Jr. sent in two decal reviews of offerings by PYN-up Decals
Curtiss Cuties part 1: a P-40E and a P-40F
Curtiss Cuties part 2: a P-40E and a P-40N

Lyle Brown sent in some really nice artwork of a P-40E and the markings of an Aleutian Tiger

Caroline sent in some photos of her nice 1/48 P-40E, she doesn't want her full name used and asked just to go by Hermetia

I have two new wallpapers, one is of Bill Armstrong's replica (I just couldn't resist, it's just too cool!) and one of the photo sent in by Chris Maude of a P-40 that his father bought after the war, it has to be the most unusual P-40 photo I have ever seen and would make a great diorama

I have added a few interesting pictures to the Memorabilia page, a couple different kinds of items including some old models, amazing how far the hobby has come

I have added some new links, I will be separating the links by categories in the future

For anyone that has submitted items that haven't been posted yet, I will get to them, they're all sitting here waiting to go up

February 7, 2007

I have a real treasure with this update. Robert W. Fairbairn, Capt. USAF Reserve, Retired sent me some photos and stories of his time in Panama, it is titled Memories Of A P-40 Pilot

January 17, 2007

There are two more sections of factory drawings up covering the wing and external items. Thanks to Mick Grinter for sending these in. More to come

Giovanni Galvan brings us a nice 1/48 AMT P-40L in the markings of Skipper

Ron 'Big Doc" Smith has a nice 1/48 P-40F on a simple and elegant base

Scott Van Aken did a really good job on the diminutive Minicraft/Hasegawa 1/72 P-40E and has a detailed write up on it

Phillip Gore brings us his model of George Welch's Pearl Harbor P-40B in 1/32 scale with a nice history on George Welsh

Mark Joyce has been busy and brings us four different versions of the P-40:
1/48 Hasegawa P-40E
1/48 AMtech P-40K
1/48 AMtech P-40L
1/48 Eduard P-40N

June 17, 2006

I have been toying with a new look for quite some time and as you can see I have finally finalized it and finished updating the entire site. I would like to thank Vernon Rabbetts for his help in the design! Everything that was on the old site is on the new site, two main moves were moving the Profiles to the Art page and the Replicas to the P-40's Today section. Hopefully you will find navigation a little easier. I have lots more content that I will try and get up soon.

May 01, 2006

I will be having surgery May 2 and will be laid up for at least two or three weeks and most likely won't be able to get to my computer at all. If anyone emails, I will eventually get to it

Chris Clarke sent in some great historical photos of his dad Fred Clarke and the RCAF 400 and 414 Squadrons

Louis Chang brings us two nice models, the Hasegawa 1/48 P-40N and the Mauve 1/48 P-40N

Mick Grinter brings us some great and very helpful photos of the P-40 Engine Area under restoration

Chris Maude send him some photos of the P-40E that his dad George Maude bought after the war and photos of it restored today. An incredible photo showing a very unique way of getting it home

Some very exciting news from Trumpeter that will excite modelers, especially large scale ones. Trumpeter is releasing three new 1/32 P-40s, a E, M, and a N. As soon as more information is available, I will post it here