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Training Command
The P-40 was used as an advanced trainer throughout the war. Here are the stories of the men who trained on it, I will also include a photo or two of the planes they flew after they got into combat.

A.V.G. (Flying Tigers)

8th Fighter Group
Had P-40's before WW2, then in 1943 and into early 1944 while assigned to the 5th AF for combat

8th Reconnaissance Group
Had P-40's along with other types in India beginning in early 1944. they flew some escort & strafing missions

14th Fighter Group
Trained with P-40's & P-43's in 1941, converted to P-38's after Pearl Harbor

15th Fighter Group
Defended Pearl Harbor on 12/7/41

16th Fighter Group
Received P-40's in 1941, disbanded in the Canal Zone on 11/1/43

18th Fighter Group
Recently converted to P-40's on Oahu before Pearl Harbor was attacked and took heavy losses. Switched to other types in 1943

20th Fighter Group
Used P-40's & P-39's in the U.S. for air defense early in the war. Later flew P-38's with the 8th AF

23rd Fighter Group
Took over from the A.V.G., flew P-40's, later P-51's

24th Pursuit Group
Entire pursuit force in the Philippines in 1941

27th Fighter Group
Converted to P-40's in the Mediterranean in 1/44, switching to P-47's later in the year

28th Composite - 28th Bombardment Group after 12/43
Had P-40's between 1941 & 1943 in Alaska

32nd Fighter Group
Used P-40's, P-36's, P-39's, & P-26's in the defense of the Panama Canal, disbanded on 11/1/43

33rd Fighter Group
After starting training in P-39's in 1941, the unit switched to P-40's. Performed air defense along the East Coast of U.S. in 1942 before moving with their P-40's to North Africa later that year

35th Fighter Group
Trained with aircraft including P-40's before the war, sent some P-40's to the Philippines to augment the 24th Pursuit Group

36th Fighter Group
Flew P-40's and P-39's in Puerto Rico from 1941 through 1943 as an air defense for the Caribbean and Panama canal

37th Fighter Group
Used P-40's to replace P-26's for Panama canal defenses, disbanded there on November 1, 1943

48th Fighter Group
Had some P-40's among other warplanes between 1942 and 1944 as a replacement training unit stateside before becoming a 9th Air Force P-47 outfit

49th Fighter Group
Received P-40's in Australia in 1942 providing active air defense there before moving to New Guinea that October

50th Fighter Group
Used some P-40's stateside as part of the Fighter Command School and later AAF School of Applied Tactics, then moved to England in 1944 to become a 9th Air Force P-47 group

51st Fighter Group
Assigned to stateside 4th Air Force with P-40's in 1941, then to 10th Air Force in India in March, 1942 defending Indian terminus of the Hump supply route

52nd Fighter Group
Trained with P-39's and P-40's and participated in stateside maneuvers from 1941 to mid 1942 when it moved to England and converted to Spitfires in the 8th Air Force

53rd Fighter Group
Trained with P-40's and P-35's before the war, then equipped with P-39's for air defense of the Canal Zone in December, 1941

54th Fighter Group
Trained with P-40's in 1941, the following year switching to P-39's

56th Fighter Group
Equipped with P-40's and P-39's in 1941, flying air defense missions in the southern and eastern U.S. before converting to P-47's in June, 1942

57th Fighter Group
Trained with P-40's in 1941, served as East Coast Air Defense Unit until relocating to the Middle East for operations in the summer of 1942, beginning combat there in October

80th Fighter Group

324th Fighter Group

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