Photos and letters of Col. Scott
by Brian Cauchi

Here are photos and letters that Col. Scott had sent to my neighbor Mr. J. Consiglio in Malta. Mr. Consiglio loved the history of the aces and lived during the sixties and so managed to write to most aces who were still very alive at that time. He got me started on modelling and that's why I also have a love of the aces. I used to visit regularly to play with his son who has since become a doctor and now lives in the UK. I was always fascinated by the files full of letters and photos and years after he died I asked his widow whether I could copy these. Well, since none of his sons were interested, I got the lot including an authentic RAF leather flying cap with goggles and mic cord and also his collection of books. At the time he was quite an authority on aces and corresponded with fans worldwide. He also wrote articles in an American magazine of the time called His Air Dec.

The back reads as follows: Crew chief J.R. Hill of Cleveland Ohio points
to score on Colonel Robert Scott's Curtiss P-40 of the 23rd Fighter Group at an
airfiel in China 15th Sept. 1942

Colonel Robert L. Scott Jr. of Macon, Georgia, Comm. Off. of the 23rd F.
G. stands beside his Curtiss P-40 at Kunming, China, before his departure to
the united States, 4th Jan, 1943

Col Robert L. Scott gives the 'On the Ball' sign before taking off from
Kunming China for another strike against Japs. 4th Jan.1943.

Film star Denis Morgan in P-40 cockpit

Reverse side of this photo written by Scott himself.

Description of what's going on, also signed by Scott

Brig General R. Scott besides his F100 1964 signed by himself.

Brig. Gen. Scott inside F-100 cockpit

Reverse side of the above photo handwritten by Scott himself.
© Brian Cauchi 2003