P-40 Aces
This list is of pilots who made ace in the P-40, It does not include victories made in other types.
I haven't found any data on P-40 aces from other countries, if you have any information that you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for the pilots name & rank, country, and number of kills
5 Lt. Col. Robert Baseler - 325th FG USA
5 Maj. John G. Bright - AVG/23rd FG USA
5 Capt. Frank J. Collins - 325th FG USA
5 Lt. L. B. Donalson 49th FG USA
5 2Lt. Richard E. Duffy - 324th FG USA
5 Maj. Ed R. Goss 51st/23rd FG's USA
5 Capt. William Grosvenor Jr. - 23rd FG USA
5 Maj. Lyman Middleditch - 57th FG USA
5 Capt. Robert J. Overcash - 57th FG USA
5 Lt. MacArthur Powers - 324th FG USA
5 Capt. Roger C. Pryor - 23rd FG USA
5 Lt. Col. Boyd D. Wagner - 24th FG USA
5 Capt. Walter B. Walker Jr. - 325th FG USA
5 Percy R. Bartelt -AVG USA
5 William E. Bartling -AVG USA
5 Kenneth A. Jernstedt -AVG USA
5 Ed Overend -AVG USA
5 Robert J. Sandell -AVG USA
5 Robert H. Smith -AVG USA
5.5 Robert W. Prescott -AVG USA
6 Col.John Alison - 23rd FG USA
6 Capt. Robert Byrne - 57th FG USA
6 Lt. Charles DeBois Jr. - 23rd FG USA
6 Lt. John D. Landers - 49th FG USA
6 Capt. Ralph G. Taylor - 325th FG USA
6 Col. C. D. Vincent - 23rd FG USA
6 Greg Boyington -AVG USA
6 Robert Hedman -AVG USA
6.25 John R. Rossi -AVG USA
6.75 Ed Rector -AVG USA
7 Capt. Frank Gaunt 8th FG USA
7 Capt. William J. Hennon 17th Pursuit Sqdn/49th FG USA
7 Lt. James W. Little - 23rd FG USA
7 Capt. John D. Lombard - 51st/23rd FG's USA
7 Capt. James B. Morehead - 17th PS/49th FG USA
7 Capt. Lucien Shuler - 18th FG USA
7 Maj. Robert Westbrook - 18th FG USA
7 Capt. W. M. Whaedon - 18th FG USA
7 Maj. Roy Whittaker - 57th FG USA
7 Charles R. Bond -AVG USA
7 Frank Lawlor -AVG USA
7 John V. K. Newkirk -AVG USA
8 Col. William H. Momyer - 33rd FG USA
8 Capt. Elmer Richardson - 23rd FG USA
8 William D. McGarry -AVG USA
9 Lt. Col. George Kiser - 17th Pursuit Sqdn/49th FG USA
9 Maj. William Reed - AVG (3); 3d Chinese American Composite Wing (6) USA
9 Robert T. Smith -AVG USA
9.33 Lt. Andrew J. Reynolds - 17th PS/49thFG USA
10 Maj. Levi R. Chase - 33rd FG USA
10 Lt. Robert M. DeHaven - 49th FG USA
10 George Burgard -AVG USA
10 Robert L. Little -AVG USA
10 Charles Older -AVG USA
13 Capt. John F. Hampshire 23rd FG USA
13 Col. Bruce Holloway - 23rd FG USA
13 Col. Robert L. Scott - 23rd FG USA
13 Robert H. Neale -AVG USA
13.25 Col. David L. Hill - AVG/23rd FG USA
12 James “Stocky” Edwards Canada