P-40 Warhawk Variants

I'd like to thank Mr. Baugher for the use of his detailed P-40 variant history, to check out more of Mr. Baugher's great aviation history, check out his website

Curtiss XP-40
Curtiss P-40
Curtiss P-40A
Curtiss P-40B
Curtiss P-40C
Curtiss Tomahawk
Curtiss P-40D, Kittyhawk I
Curtiss P-40E, Kittyhawk IA
Curtiss P-40F Warhawk, Kittyhawk II
Curtiss P-40G
Curtiss P-40J Warhawk
Curtiss P-40K Warhawk, Kittyhawk III
Curtiss P-40L Warhawk, Kittyhawk II
Curtiss P-40M Warhawk, Kittyhawk III
Curtiss P-40N Warhawk, Kittyhawk IV
Curtiss P-40Q Warhawk
Curtiss P-40R Warhawk
P-40 with Royal New Zealand Air Force

Neville Mines has been doing a lot of research chronicling the different P-40's that served with the New Zealand Air Force.

P-40E Kittyhawk with Allison V1710-39