The designation P-40G was given to 44 existing Army P-40s that were fitted with H81-A2 Tomahawk IIA wings that carried four 0.30-inch machine guns. The first such conversion was P-49 39-221, which was assigned the unofficial designation XP-40G. The remaining 43 retrofits took place between August and September 1941. Company records refer to these conversions under the designation Model 81-AG. Serials of P-40s retrofitted were as follows:

248,257,263,267,275,276,279,288 and

Some sources have at least some of these P-40Gs being assigned new Army serial numbers after these modifications were completed. These new serial numbers included:

42-14261/14274 Curtiss P-40G Warhawk
42-14277/14278 Curtiss P-40G Warhawk
42-14281 Curtiss P-40G Warhawk

However, these numbers conflict with those assigned to an order for P-40L-30-CUs which was cancelled.

Sixteen of these P-40Gs were shipped to the USSR starting in October 1941. All those examples remaining in the USA were redesignated RP-40G in October 1942, where the R meant "restricted from combat use".

39-221 was shipped to the USSR in 1943.

For some reason, the designation P-40H was never assigned. The designation P-40I was never assigned in any case, lest the letter "I" be confused with the number one.


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