An affordable full size P-40 replica
by Jim Delaney

Jack Landree and a couple dedicated friends are building a full size replica P-40 near Millington, Tenn. It's based on a steel tube structure to which fiberglass fuselage halves are attached. The wing will be all aluminum as will the tail surfaces except where the fabric covered. The wheels, brakes, and struts are adapted from an older existing aircraft that used the same size parts.

Several engine options are being explored in addition to the Allison and Rolls Royce Merlin. It was discovered that the aircraft could be flown on as little as 350 HP if kept light so an automotive conversion is being pursued as well.

To date, the molds have been made for the fuselage halves and are now ready to have parts pulled from them. An engineering co. was brought in to help with design work and engine or engine parts are being built that can be used with the automotive conversion.

Early in the project, Jack expressed a desire to someday make the P-40 available in kit form that the average workingman could afford.

Updated 02/27/13

The landing gear prototypes have been built as has the tail. The engine conversion is done and ready for assembly. We are currently working on a direct port fuel injection system for the 27 liter V-12 tank engine we have converted to turn a Hamilton Standard 23E-50 propeller from a DC-3.

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Meteor conversion

The engine conversion for the Meteor tank engine will require casting a new intake as they are a structural part of the engine. The Meteor intake is very restrictive and cuts hp down to 650 BHP at 2,500 rpm. It is capable of far more with direct port fuel injection @ 3,000 rpm.

We also have molds made from an original P-51D Mustang and can make statics and parts for those as well. Here are some pics of side cowlings I have done for hangar art, and a P-51 built from my molds. We make full length fuselage sides for both the P-51D and P-40E-N in both silver gelcoat or fully painted in the markings of choice for the buyer.

Both of our molds for the P-40 and P-51 were made from veteran aircraft which still wore their wartime skin at the time.

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A couple pics of a P-51 built from our molds.

Jack Landree

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