PYN-up Decals-Curtiss Cuties Part 2
Cost: $19.99
Reviewed by
Floyd S. Werner, Jr.
IPMS# 26266

Hasegawa recently released the P-40E and N in 1/48th scale and you went out and bought them even though you had the Amtech, Promodeler, Mauve, and Eduard, well you get the idea. The markings from the boxes leave a little to be desired. Well speaking of desire, the latest release from PYN-up Decals will address your needs.

The artwork of a beautifully rendered P-40E-1 of S/L Dick Cresswell's in RAAF markings. The flags look real and are quite colorful. There is some debate over the color of the aircraft number but PYN-up allows you to chose which is accurate, red or blue "U". Painted in Dark Earth and Dark Green this aircraft is quite colorful. The amount of research that went into this aircraft can be seen at this web address:

The other aircraft is a P-40N of the 49th Fighter Group. Keystone Kathlene/Empty Saddle comes complete with an all white tail, as well as, a wonderful reclined nude. With it's blue spinner and white leading edges and tail this OD and Dark Green over Neutral Grey aircraft is quite colorful. Sporting the relatively rare star and white bar with no outline this aircraft will add to any P-40N kit.

The nude is wonderfully rendered, as are the flags. National markings are included for both machines, including separate red centers for early RAAF markings.

Typical of the PYN-up decals, they are thin, opaque, and in perfect register. You must follow the instructions as the decals are very thin and can be fragile.

I highly recommend this sheet. The decals can be obtained by contacting Meteor Productions at or by phone at 703-971-0500.

Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review copy.

© Floyd Werner, Jr. 2007