PYN-up Decals-Curtiss Cuties Part 1
Cost: $16.99
Reviewed by
Floyd S. Werner, Jr.
IPMS# 26266

Recent releases by Hasegawa and Amtech of various models of the Curtiss P-40 have given aircraft modelers a "new" canvas to work on. The large nose and tail of the P-40 were natural canvases for unit artists.

This sheet contains markings for a P-40F of the 79th Fighter Group from the MTO. It is painted in a Dark Earth/Middle Stone/Azure Blue paint scheme with a large nude on the tail. It is a very colorful machine. Also included are markings for a P-40E from the 49th Fighter Group in the Pacific. Overall Olive Drab with Neutral Gray undersides this machine is unique in the positioning of the nude, between the aft window and the national insignia.

The quality of the artwork is just that- art. The nudes are wonderfully toned and very accurate. They are the best renditions of the female form to come out in decal form. You would have to reduce a Playboy photo to get anything better. Besides the nudes, you also receive the remaining individual markings and the national insignias for these airplanes.

Typical of the PYN-up decals, they are thin, opaque, and in perfect register. You must follow the instructions as the decals are very thin and can be fragile.

I highly recommend this sheet. The decals can be obtained by contacting Meteor Productions at or by phone at 703-971-0500.

Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review copy.

© Floyd Werner, Jr. 2007