EagleCals Decals
P-40 Tomahawk IIB

by Mark Proulx

This is a review of the second P-40 decal sheet released from Eagle Editions in 1/32nd Scale. The markings are designed for use with the Trumpeter P-40.

Two schemes are included with these decals. The first is for a 112 Squadron P-40, a further option to those supplied on EagleCal #71 reviewed here. This aircraft was simply coded "A" and displayed the serial number AK461. The pilot is unknown from a time period specified as September 1941. The aircraft was finished in a camouflage pattern of Dark Earth/Mid Stone and Azure Blue.

The next scheme represents one of three Tomahawks assigned to No. 73 Squadron. S/L Peter Wykeham-Barnes, a 12 victory ace, regularly flew this aircraft. These aircraft were kept on strength for a very short period of time and they maintained the European colors of Dark Green/Dark Earth and Light Grey. The unique markings applied to the fuselage sides provide an option to the many sharkmouth schemes that are currently available.

The instructions provide side and top profiles of the two subject aircraft printed on gloss paper in color. Scrap views of the undersides indicate proper decal placement for the national insignia.
Similar to the roundels on EC#71, the wing root was applied over the top of the roundel on the fuselage sides on the actual aircraft. Though not indicated with the instructions, this is a very simple matter to address by trimming with a sharp blade.

The decals are printed on a single piece of paper in standard size. They appear thin and in crisp registration. Where necessary, multiple decals are used to create a single marking to ensure that there is no bleeding between colors. Stencils are included for the prop only. The decals are thin and I expect no problem with them.

I can recommend these markings to anyone with an interest in the P-40. The 73 Squadron scheme is very colorful and provides some relief for those modelers that would rather not apply the sharkmouth scheme to their models. Five different 1/32nd scale decal sheets for the P-40 at the time of this review. Further information can be found by visiting Judy and Jerry Crandall at Eagle Editions.

Review Sample Compliments of Eagle Editions

© Mark Proulx 2004