EagleCals Decals
A.V.G. Tomahawks in 1/32nd Scale, 1st Squadron

by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions has released three new decal sheets for Trumpeter's 1/32nd scale P-40B/C. Each sheet supplies markings for Tomahawks of the famous American Volunteer Group of the Second World War. Two schemes from the three A.V.G. squadrons, for a total of six, will ultimately be available. These decals are based on the EagleFile, Tigers Over China: The Aircraft of the AVG by Tom Tulis and reviewed here.

EagleCals #68 supplies markings for two 1st Squadron P-40's. The first aircraft, numbered "3", was flown by Dick Rossi. The second P-40 was numbered "21" and flown by Greg "Pappy" Boyington. He would later become famous for his antics with the Black Sheep Squadron. The instructions are a four-page fold out. Tom Tullis supplies his superb airbrush profiles for each aircraft. He spent the better part of a year reviewing surviving pilots and amassing the reference material that these decals are based on. The artwork is among the best available and a welcome addition to the instructions. The text explains in extensive detail the colors and markings for each aircraft. However, limited information is supplied about the individuals that flew the aircraft. Color profiles are included of the left fuselage, upper and lower surfaces. Provisional markings are identified and included, allowing the modeler to make their own decisions.

Microscale prints the decals on a single piece of paper. They are printed in perfect register and very thin. Faded national insignia's are supplied, as the blue of the Chinese national insignia tended to fade rapidly. The instructions also expand further upon this feature. Stencils are also included. I have not had an opportunity to try these decals at the time of this review so I can't comment on the application. However, Microscale has a good reputation and I am confident that no problems will be encountered.

I recommend these decals to any modelers with an interest in the story of the P-40 and its association with "The Flying Tigers".

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© Mark Proulx 2004