CB Tools Landing Gear Jig
MSRP- $40.00
by Floyd Werner, Jr.
IPMS# 26266

I can never get my landing gear IPMS straight. They look good to me but there is always something just not right. I need all the help I can get. No not that kind of help; help with my landing gear alignment. The latest tool from CB Tools is just what I needed.

Designed for tail dragger aircraft, the set can be used on 1/72nd fighters up to 1/32nd scale fighters and 1/72nd scale bombers. It can handle tricycle gear but it wasn't designed for that, but the process is simple. The maximum wingspan is 24" (60,96 cm) and maximum main wheel center to center spacing is 7.25" (18,41cm) and maximum main wheel to tail wheel spacing is 9" (22,86 cm).

Included in the packaging tube is three twelve inch threaded rods, a machined center fuselage rail with the center line marked, two metal 'wheel pads' and four alignment arms plus the associated hardware. There is a small bag with some threaded pins for the wheels. The hardest part of this entire process is the assembly of the parts but if you read the instructions carefully though it makes perfect sense. Once assembled just follow the instructions. I can't stress enough to read the instructions at least for the first few times.

Basically you hold the model with the alignment arms and adjust them as necessary to align the fuselage. This is then moved into position on the wheel pads. This in effect traps the landing gear in place. Check it, go ahead, it will be perfectly aligned. Apply glue and wait. Then do the same with the with the tail wheel and wheels. Simple.

If I had any issue it was that the model tended to move slightly. The arms are the key to securing the model to the jig. Another easy fix is a rubber band wrapped around the center section. Either way allows you to move the model as necessary and held it firmly.

I used it on a Hasegawa P-40N and found the set to be quite easy to use. The results were spectacular. Perfectly aligned. I think I found my new favorite tool. You can never have enough tools. Another great tool from CB Model Products. Now if they can help me align my wings and tails I'd be set.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to CB Model Products for the review copy. You can obtain your copy of the jig by contacting CB Model Products at cbmodelproducts@hotmail.com. Let them know that I sent you.

© Floyd Werner, Jr. 2011