Academy P-40B
by Keith Allott

Here's all the pics of the Academy P-40. The promo pic inside the case is included.

The only thing to let me down was the decal sheet which was printed off-centre. I didn't have time/couldn't be bothered fixing it. It's only really noticeable on the Port side main wheel anyway.

Other features I DID have time for/could be bothered with:

New seat, belts, rear bulkhead, headrest and a tiny bit of interior detailing.
Open canopy. This required me to file a little bit off the fuse and I had to leave out the rear windows.
New flaps.
New pitot.
Gear doors were thinned down.
All vents, exhausts and cannon barrels were drilled out.
Elevators were cut and re-positioned.

I did all this one sunday afternoon and didn't use any aftermarket bits. I'm a cheapskate.

© Keith Allott 2012