Guillow's 400 series P-40E ''One Each''
Built in 2009
by David Duckett

I used 3/32'' stringers. There's enough plastic to allow the cowl to be glued straight to F-1.

The extra stringers are slightly above the cowl.

Extra wood installed on the trailing edge so that, when sanded, it will all be solid.

All is covered except the area between the nose and wing. The cockpit is from the Stearman kit.

After covering with Brodak medium silkspan, the entire framework was doped three times with light sanding after each coat. The gray servers as a primer to see what I missed. The wing filet was made with filler. It just naturally conforms to your finger. Two or three applications, sanded, may be necessary to make it smooth.

Testing, testing...

It's fully painted, decals added, and a few panel lines drawn on.

"One Each" is finished. One each refers to how the military describes things (wheel, one each). I used this color to show that this P-40, one each, is a basic color. In reality, the P- 40 wore some very varied schemes, even pink!

This is closest to the correct color.

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