Vintage Wings of Canada
by Dave O'Malley

My name is Dave O'Malley, and I am manager of Communications and Marketing at Vintage Wings of Canada. We are an Ottawa-based foundation dedicated to acquiring, maintaining and flying vintage aircraft of historical significance to Canada. All our aircraft are in flying condition or are presently under rebuilds.

We now have

Spitfire Mk XVI
Hurricane Mk IV
Hurricane Mk XII (Being rebuilt)
Mustang IV (P-51D)
Tiger Moth
Fairey Swordfish
WACO Taperwing
Beech Staggerwing
De Havilland Canada Beaver
Bellance Citabria
De Havilland Fox Moth

And now, we are awaiting the arrival of our fully rebuilt P-40N Kittyhawk which was recovered from the jungles of Papua New Guinea and is being rebuilt at Pioneer in New Zealand. This ex- Royal Australian Air Force P-40 will be redone in the colours of a famous Canadian ace who I am SURE you are aware of - James "Stocky" Edwards. Attached is a profile illustration I did for our website to show visitors what it will look like - it's very authentic, so I hope you post it on your wonderful website which inspired me to do it - Also attached is a banner I did to celebrate the P-40 of our collection (I have done one of these banners for each type in our collection - they are 10 feet high and hang in our hangar (a brand new 25,000 square foot facility) - you can see examples of the other banners at my personal company website just go to Portfolio and click on Posters, then Air show)

The banner commemorates Stocky's shoot down of Otto Schulz. Also attached is a portrait of Stocky which will hang in our library called the Hall of Honour.

© Dave O'Malley 2007